Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Rich's Blog: Awards Night (aka Sushi Gloves Win)

I never knew winning an award was so easy. Just turn up to training in arthritis gloves that look like the fish skin you get on sushi and — bingo! — instant recognition.

Yes, this is the Oxford City annual awards at the St Aldates Tavern on Friday. Thanks to all who came, and particularly to Dan and Ruth for helping us celebrate in style.

But what is this talk of gloves? Well, people got a rare glimpse of my hand flesh as I picked up the ‘Michael Jackson / serial killer award’ in recognition of the gloves I’ve been wearing to training sessions. I’ve been trying to find a way to train while allowing my four bruised fingers to heal, and I’ve settled on the combo of arthritis gloves padded with support tape.

You could say this is a quack remedy (it is!) that hasn’t been endorsed by a medical doctor with, y’know, qualifications (it hasn’t!). But they do seem to be helping, so I won’t take them off yet. If that means more richly-deserved mockery then so be it.

However, I do want to set one thing straight: I don’t plan to use them for serial killing, or any other serious crime. They’d be useless. They’re fingerless.

There were also awards given out on Friday for people who did stuff like playing well and scoring goals. So, without further ado, here are our 2014 winners…

Oxford City Legend - Jen Carter

Players' Player of the Year - Ruth Emm

Best 1st Team Female - Becca Brennan
Best 1st Team Male - Dan Hibbs

Best 2nd Team Female - Charlotte Rugg
Best 2nd Team Male - Simon Sharp

Most Improved Female - Ellie Courtney
Most Improved Male - Arge Rivera
Newcomer of the Year - Niall Sheekey

Services to OCKC Award - Dave Everett
Services to OCKC Award - Gaz Clarke

…and thanks to everyone for a great season. But I’ve got to dash: I’m off to plan my next fashion disaster. It’s never too early to think of the 2015 awards.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Rich's Blog: The Return of Ol' Glass Fingers

It’s the curse of the amateur blogger. You start writing a blog with a burst of excitement but, after a few posts, the excitement wanes and so does the blog.

I am no exception. Last autumn, I started writing a ‘newbie blog’ for a couple of reasons: (1) Dan asked me to; and (2) I wanted to get more people at the club with even less experience than me. But it fell away because I picked up an ankle injury (and got put on redundancy consultation at work!).

Now I’m back — and I’m also City’s web editor. This honour was bestowed on me at last week’s AGM. I’d like to thank my parents and my wife and my daughter and etc.

So what have I been up to since that last blog post?

Well, I’ve played a load more matches including a few for the first team. I’d love to say I was selected based on skill and not because of other people’s injuries… so I will! It’s true, honest. They were tough matches but it's great experience.

I’ve also managed to score a few goals in matches, and set up a few more. I’m  not a consistent scorer, but at least I know I can get them in from long- and short-range.

And there has been good and some bad news on the injury front.

The good news is I’ve overcome my ankle sprain. The bad news is that my abnormally weak fingers are getting injured so much that I’m caning our stockpile of ice packs single-handedly — or should that be double-handedly? Either way, don’t let it put you off trying  korfball. It's impossible that anyone else in Oxford has such dainty digits.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. I’ll do some proper updates soon with more content and less self-indulgent blathering. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at training on Thursday.

If you’re new to the club then come over and say, ‘Hi’. I’ll be the one in arthritis gloves. Yes, really! Looking silly is the price I have to pay for glass fingers.

Rich Heap, web editor